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Hire the Best Bus Company for Wedding Transportation

If you have a wedding coming soon, then you probably understand the stress that comes with planning for one. Similarly, getting a bus to transport all your guests is not a walk in the park. You need to make sure that everything is perfect and that nothing of importance is left out. In such a case, renting a bus for your wedding will be much easier for you. This is because the bus will transport almost all of your guest to the venue at once if not all.

Also, if you hire a bus, you are saving yourself the stress of providing a parking space to all the guests on your wedding that own cars and let’s face it, sometimes the ratio of vehicles to people in a wedding is almost the same.

However, before getting the best bus for transportation, you need some guidance on how to choose. This article takes you through some key points that will help you make the right decision when it comes to Wedding Bus Rentals. For more affordable options, check out our Wichita school bus rentals.

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Things to Keep in Mind when Booking Wedding Transportation

1. Book a bus early enough to get fair prices

Booking a bus before your wedding is perhaps one of the most important things that you should consider. As a matter of fact, planning for your wedding early enough is an essential step if you want your wedding to be as successful. You should have already booked your bus a month or two prior to your wedding to save yourself some cash. The best bus company offers fair deals to customers who book buses well in advance.

Another advantage of booking a bus in advance is that most of these buses are usually busy during the summer seasons and most weekends, and this is typically the peak wedding seasons.

2. You need to consider the number of guests being transported

The other thing is that you should know the exact number of guest coming to your wedding or at least the number of guests you are planning to transport. Doing this will help prevent scenarios where the number of guests is more than the capacity of the bus or vice versa. Here is a rough estimate of the capacity of regular buses;

  • A Charter bus; 40 to 55 guests.
  • An executive bus; 24 to 36 guests.
  • A minibus; 24 to 36 guests.
  • A school bus; 20 to 44 guests (adults)
  • A shuttle bus; 25 to 45 guest

3. The period you are going to stay with the bus

As noted earlier pre-planning is a recurrent point in most weddings, you need to carefully and efficiently plan for the rental time the bus company gave you. The time given is limited so you need utilize this time, one way to do this is by putting guests who are coming from the same place in one bus, and they should have a specific meeting place so that the bus does not make so many spots at different locations.


When it comes to planning your wedding, you do not just hire any bus company for wedding bus rental; you need to get the best company that will make sure that things run according to your plans. Stellar is one of the best Wichita charter bus companies in Kansas that can guarantee you the quality services that your wedding deserves.

Corporate Bus Rental Service

Wichita Corporate Bus Rental

For large group cooperate traveling corporate bus rental is the best option. It is relatively cheap for moving your staff to a given location using this form of transport. Unlike in using private or public means of transport, corporate bus rental provides an affordable option with very competitive transportation services.

One problem us is that when we think about chartered buses, we immediately think about the facilities and services available in public transport. But this is the case, with chartered corporate bus transport, the facilities and amenities available are exclusive of high quality aimed at making your traveling as comfortable as possible. These rides are even used for wedding transportation!

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Corporate Bus Charter Services

If you are looking into hiring corporate chartered bus services, you need to think about the nature of the trip. The nature of your trip will determine the type of bus you will take, the traveling costs you are likely to incur and certainly how you are going to plan for accommodations for all the members involved.

For instance, depending on the nature of your traveling there are the different Wichita charter buses you can use. For simple or just short traveling you will need simple chartered buses, for a one day or extensive traveling, you will need a complex bus with extra amenities like restrooms, television sets and other amenities that enhance and make your traveling easier. You might even require a sleeper bus when traveling for longer periods than a day that extends beyond a single day.

We are pretty sure you want to make an impression to the public, right! If so, the ambiance of the vehicle you are traveling in is a factor to consider. The vehicle should support all the lavish amenities that offer great comfort to the passengers on board. In any case, it is your responsibility to please the people you are working with. An elaborate bus with all the amenities is what you want to impress and motivate your employees.

If you are looking for corporate bus rental services in Wichita, Kansas Stellar Charter Bus Wichita is the company for you. Talk about elegance, ambiance, and top quality services or amenities, we have them all at Stellar Charter Bus Wichita.

Affordable Transportation for Wichita Companies

At Stellar Charter Bus Wichita, we specialize in regular transport of personnel for corporate institutions. Our services are competitive but are relatively cheap. We cover every traveling process that may look complicated to you. We take care of everything right from travel incentives to organizational and logistic planning.

When it comes to corporate chartered buses traveling we see it all, our team of experienced understands that it took you time planning for a perfect event. With this in mind, they are not going to let you down, they will ensure that everything runs according to your plan without any hitch. With our services, all you have to do is sit back and have us take you to wherever you want to go.

Lastly, We value your security and safety, as such, we do regular checks of our buses and do a continuous training of our personnel to ensure that everything you get including the services they deliver is of exceptionally high quality and that it meets the required standards.

School Bus Rental Service

School Bus Rental Tips: Get the Most From Your Rental

School buses are a standout among the most frequent types of buses that are rented today. This is because they are fantastically protected, but they are still pleasant for adults and, in addition, for children. Rental buses from Stellar Charter Bus Wichita are designed according to class buses, but tend not to be painted bright yellow. This is apparently the largest difference among school buses used to transport youth to and from school and school rental buses designed for commercial use.

School Bus Rental

Why You Should Rent a School Bus in Wichita

If you are considering renting a school bus for the next occasion, the tips that accompany it will allow you to make the most of your cash.

1. School bus rentals come in different sizes, so be sure to get the number of seats you need, but no more than you will need.

Before making all the necessary booking arrangements, be sure to know with what number the individuals will travel. This will let you know what size school bus you have to rent in Kansas. For example if you are transporting a sports team, be sure to get a total head count.

A very expensive confusion that some do is to rent an important bus assuming they will have enough space for everyone to follow the road. They end up paying regularly for a large bus that receives part crowned alone. This is an exorbitant slip when there are smaller buses accessible that could have been a higher setting for less of a speculation.

2. Know where you are going and consider the total mileage of the trip if you are worried about the cost.

If there is an approach to decrease the number of miles that you put on the rental bus, you could take a portion of the cost of the rental. For example, have everyone meet without the focal area of delay for a moment to board the bus and have they left in Wichita. It does not make sense to go around lifting everyone and including miles.

Know where you are going so you can tell the rental organization what the trip will include. There may be factors that influence the valuation with some rental organizations.

3. Relegate a cleaning crew to return the bus to its consummate condition before returning it to the rental organization.

Plan to clear the bus of all waste before returning it or simply advise travelers not to eat or drink while on the bus. You must restore the bus in a condition similar to the one you had when the keys were given to you.

4. If you are transporting children, make sure there is sufficient supervision on the bus.

I would prefer not to accumulate a bus with 25 children and put an adult responsible for all. The younger your group is, the more supervision you have to prepare for your trip. This will ensure that everyone is optimistic and committed while they remain safe on the bus.

The main advice in this summary is very vital. Try not to rent more buses than you need with the argument that you will only throw cash out the window. Get the correct measured bus, make sure everyone agrees and directed enough, and then keep the bus clean while following all safety rules.

Sports Team Bus Rental Service

Sports Team Transportation

The charter buses plying on the road has become the most common sights. It has become one of the best transportation in the present world, and now everyone is opting for its ride, irrespective of the occasion. Now and then, there is an urgency to travel across the Wichita city, for various purposes and reasons. If you are not sure, how to reach the place, you have planned to, always opt for Stellar Charter Bus Wichita, if you want to load everyone one fleet without compromising anyone’s safety. The advantages of big fleets are they can accommodate a large number of the group.

You are planning for a sports team bus rental, and you have almost fifty numbers of people in your group, what would you at that time? If you hire limousines or cars, imagine the number of fleets you will have to hire for the sports occasion. A Wichita Charter bus rental would be the right options for you, and it will not split your group too, and it will enable you to enjoy the ride in a full-fledged way. Secondly, it would be friendlier for your pocket too, because of it competitive and good value for its customers.

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Convience & Comfort

To combat several issues associated with traveling the stellar charter bus Wichita, Kansas has come up with various services to keep the customers satisfied and happy. The first and foremost thing that the customers look for is convenience and comfort. The charter services allow it passengers to take a pleasurable ride and savor all the amenities exclusively made for them. Although, if the buses have been so comfortable, would not you make it your second home to sleep and rest. However, the quality leather reclining seats with extra space to stretch your legs gives to the passenger’s respite from the shrinking space that is normally found in ordinary buses.

When you plan to visit Kansas, make sure that you select Stellar Charter Bus Wichita to make your journey a memorable one. You will never have to face the hassle of self-driving, nor have to constantly look on the road to avoid accidents. Stellar Charter Bus Wichita is versatile and made to suit the requirements of sport teams and clients. What are the features that any passengers would look for in the buses, is nothing but punctuality of the vehicle, friendly and professional drivers, rest rooms, individual reading lights, carry on storage and more. There are advanced features that you should always look for but be sure to find the best from Stellar Charter Bus Wichita. It would enable you to utilize every moment and help you prepare the presentation before you reach the conference hall.

Stellar Charter Bus Wichita is the most reliable, safest company providing transportation services throughout Kansas. They have been providing these services for years, hire only the safest, most reliable drivers, provide them safe driver training and drug testing, immaculately maintain one of largest fleets of late model vehicles, and offer immediate billing, 24/7 customer service, and can handle short notice reservations.